Stunning Workbook Templates for Coaches and Course Creators

Nikhil Arora
10 min readApr 24, 2021

With distance learning becoming increasingly common, it’s even more important that coaches and course creators have every resource they have. Using these amazing workbook templates will help teachers at every level inspire their students and encourage them. This list includes many e-book and online course templates to form distance teaching easier and more pain-free than ever before, and there multiple samples of which is made by graphic designer, learn today through the best institutions which has the best graphic designing course in delhi.

Noctua Workbook Template for Canva

SlideStation offers this 87-page workbook template, while also bringing various PowerPoint, Photoshop, InDesign, and Keynote templates to the table. it’s both a web course and webinar companion that’s also an E-book template for Canva. The template offers free multilingual fonts, a basic tutorial, three cover designs, and far more. it’s also editable in several programs. By mixing and matching pages, educators can use this template to make their ideal online course.

2. Kaliurang — Workbook Creator

The multipurpose, 56-page design template is for creating online workshops and sophistication workbooks, alongside being useful for seminars or social media guides and handbooks. With two different formats for your table of contents, plus author profiles, case studies, a weekly schedule, and a monthly planner, this template offers virtually anything you’ll need. Visual Colonie, a digital design lab dedicated to making quality graphics and templates, created this masterpiece.

3. Ebook + Workbook Coach Bundle CANVA

Fallon Gerst helps people create and edit digital products with Canva and also offers many templates and addons, including this gem. Besides being an eBook and workbook bundle, this collection of quite 175 customizable templates also helps users create lead magnets and more. Optimized to assist coaches, online entrepreneurs, and course creators, it’s a flexible and unbelievably easy-to-use drag-and-drop array that you simply can export to PDF as desired.

4. Canva Course Workbook — Camellia

Camellia may be a classy, minimalistic design with warm color tones that brings 100 beautiful workbook pages to your toolbox. With four different covers and welcome pages, plus resource list pages, quote pages, action list pages, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners plus guide pages, then far more, this easily editable template is certain to offer online learners a perfect experience. Launch Better offers this additionally to several other high-end templates for educators.

5. Instagram Pack for eCourse — Canva PS

Instagram is now a crucial social media platform for businesses and educators. This special pack includes 212 templates for posts and stories, all featuring editable text, fonts, and illustrations. With an easy drag-and-drop interface and a help guide, it couldn’t be easier to use this to market your course. The creator, Eviory, maybe a business coach also as a graphic designer offering templates, fonts, and graphics for the tutorial and entrepreneurial communities.

6. Wellness Workbook Creator — Canva PS

Also from Eviory, this is often a workbook creator specifically for wellness, psychological state coaches, and psychiatrists, including much special content for this particular industry. Intended especially for digital or printed content, this pack contains 129 templates with both CANVA and PS files, plus JPG samples, unique covers, easily editable colors, text and image pages, and more. For those that need additional help, the package offers a tutorial on the way to modify the templates.

7. eCourse Workbook Template

Your Sunday Studio designs templates for entrepreneurs and online educators. Among their many unique creations is that this organized 80-page workbook template. the gathering includes various cover pages, module overview pages, course resources, checklists, worksheets, a cheat sheet, a funnel worksheet, and lots of more options, plus guaranteed access to future updates. you’ll use the templates with both Canva and InDesign.

8. Course Creator Workbook — Canva

This lightweight and stylish workbook template is perfect for entrepreneurs and course creators alike. it’s called Lafayette and contains 30 pages of content. The template is fully compatible with Canva and available in US-Letter size. Lafayette includes questionnaires, call-to-action pages, resource pages, and other similar resources. Ray created the package alongside many other social media, blogs, and academic templates to assist entrepreneurs to win their online audiences.

9. eCourse Workbook Creator — CANVA

With 60 editable pages and five cover options, this coach workbook template offers the last word in customizability. Course creators and online educators can use either A4 or US Letter sizes to present their course program pages, course outline, content page variations, and 21 or 30-day trackers, among many other resources. 3.14&Co also offers other Canva and InDesign templates for entrepreneurs and educators.

10. CANVA Entrepreneur Template Bundle

This professional and minimalistic bundle includes social media templates, eBook templates, e-course workbook templates, and even slide deck templates for both Canva and Illustrator. Ideal for online educators and coaches, the package contains over 190 templates to combine and match together. rather than hiring a designer, users can simply customize to their preferences, add their content, and make a singular online presence to suit their style. an equivalent design shop that brings you this diverse bundle, Andrew Pixel, also offers many other workbook and eBook templates, also as fonts, unusual graphics, gorgeous illustrations, and useful add-ons.

11. Fitness eBook Template

This template is that the ideal solution for internet fitness coaches to make lead magnets, eBooks, and online courses. Users can add branding and content and edit with Canva to style the right PDF eBook. Blissful Pixels offers both a private and commercial license. the planning shop also sells a spread of other beautiful and editable graphics and templates.

12. Ebook/Workbook Canva Template

Sugar Studios is that the brainchild of an entrepreneur who managed to urge faraway from an uneventful nine-to-five job and make a web graphic design studio. The studio now offers stylish and professional templates and graphics to assist others to market their businesses and make educational resources.

This remarkable 30-page coach workbook template has four different cover pages, three different tables of contents pages, seven different content pages, plus checklist, cheat sheet, quote, testimonial, notes, calendar, and swipe file pages. The files are instantly downloadable and therefore the purchase includes lifetime access to updates.

13. Canva Ebook and Workbook Template

Helios is that the name of this multi-purpose 88-page template for online coaches and bloggers. Using Canva, you’ll edit or re-order pages as desired to make the last word online course. Helios includes various cover designs and welcome pages, plus 11 content page layouts, photo pages, a pricing table, resource pages, cross-promotion pages, and far more.

With numerous varied resources, this is often perfect for entrepreneurs in every industry. Eternal Design Studio offers this, additionally to several other templates to assist you to create the web impact your business must succeed.

14. 2 Bundle eBook + Workbook — CANVA PS

Yet another resource from Eviory, this fantastic two and one bundle includes both eBook and workbook templates during vintage and minimalist style. The bundle contains a complete of 140 templates in both US Letter and A4 size, plus JPG samples, project management and scheduling resources, and far more. The workbook includes charts, study cases, games, and more. The eBook collection has articles, a course timeline, and course pricing pages.

15. Wellness Workbook and eBook Templates

This list wouldn’t be complete without a second masterpiece from Your Sunday Studio. The 140-page wellness workbook is flexible enough to permit users to style recipe eBooks and meal planners additionally to resource libraries, lead magnets, webinars, and resources designed specifically for fitness professionals and coaches. Now entrepreneurs and therapists alike can make a true difference and present their branding to the web world with professionalism and elegance.

16. Workbook Creator for Coach CANVA PS

Every also offers a teacher workbook template collection with over 140 templates available in both CANVA and PS files. The package includes eight different cover pages, four welcome pages, various table of contents templates, chapter pages, a flow chart, a road map page, cheat sheets, action lists, and checklists, plus planners, photo displays, Q& pages, and lots of more. it’s ideal for online teaching, masterclass tutoring, webinars, and online exams.

17. Instagram Creator for Coach CANVA PS

Another overwhelmingly complete resource from Eviory, the Instagram Creator for Coach CANVA PS may be a collection of over 200 Instagram templates for e-courses, e-books, posts, and stories. The package includes fully editable text, layered and arranged files, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Users can customize in both Photoshop and Canva. Every also provides a link to fonts available for both free and commercial use, plus a helpful guide for those with zero experience.

18. eCourse Workbook Canva Template

As another great modern and professional training course template from 3.14&Co, this set includes 35 customizable pages. Available in both A4 and US Letter size, and including a PDF instruction booklet, the package contains course guides, different module intro style options, content pages, worksheet variations, and resource list styles. All of this makes gathering the right choice for entrepreneurs, coaches, and internet-based course creators.

19. Workbook Creator for Coaches

This versatile workbook creator template involves content for challenge eBooks, webinar action guides, resource libraries, and opt-in freebies. With 56 beautiful, professionally designed pages and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for adding text and pictures, this is often bound to assist you to produce your online course or market your business. Instructions and getting started notes are included, plus editable MacBook and iPad mockups for the call-to-action pages. Studio Loire is that the proud creator of this and lots of other remarkable e-course and eBook templates.

20. Canva Course Workbook — Winona

Also from Launch Better, the Winona workbook template may be a gorgeous, abstract, and stylish option for your online course workbook. With 100 stunning pages that are editable in Canva, Winona is probably going to become your go-to tool for designing webinar action guides, worship handbooks, lead magnets, and the other internet educational or entrepreneurial resource imaginable.

21. Canva Workbook Template Courses

ProductiveandFree may be a design studio with a singular motive: to assist others to be more productive and grow their entrepreneurial endeavors. That’s why they provide various course creator bundles, including this 70+ page coach workbook template. The incredible template includes cover pages, intros, student pre-work pages, module intros and objectives, Q&A, prompts, high-level concept worksheets, and promotion pages.

22. Canva Course Workbook — Raisa

Another gem from Launch Better, Raisa includes mystical and female elements for a beautifully designed template. With 100 gorgeous pages in US Letter and A4 sizes, Raisa is straightforward to edit and contains welcome pages, image and text pages, quote pages, success story pages, guide pages, process pages, planners, a funnel page, a pricing table page, and nearly anything you would possibly need for a web informational resource.

23. Workbook Creator for Coach CANVA PS

Once more, Eviory hits the ball out of the park with this great Canva coach template. With 105 pages of minimalist and stylish content, the pack also contains sample pages, tips, and hacks pages, charts, time schedules, goal-setting pages, gameplay and intermezzo pages, and far more. no matter your particular needs, this template collection will assist you to create professional branding or an efficient e-course.

24. Workbook Creator for Coaches — CANVA

Finally, this 90-page workbook template is another resource from Studio Loire for online course creators. The kit includes content for creating challenges, social media guides, workshop handbooks, and webinar action guides. it’s also highly customizable, including the power to feature text and pictures also as to edit fonts and colors.

Using any of those 24 wonderful templates to inspire and fuel your designs, is certain to assist you to grow your online audience and present your resources both professionally and powerfully. Now you’ll design your ideal e-course or eBook with no limitations, thanks to inexperience or lack of your time. you’ll be ready to cash in on the flexibility and exciting innovation shown by these studios to bring your online presence to a subsequent level.